February BOM – Spring Blooms Blocks

Heya everyone,

So I’ve completed my next set of blocks.  It was my first strip set block and I definitely made an error of not properly measuring my seams/ironing properly as I was creating it – and thus my overall strip set was a little short, by about 1/4″…  I’m soo annoyed about it, but I’d already cut all my pieces before I realized and so couldn’t simply redo them.  So again, everything is a little off, but another lesson learned.  Hopefully (again) it won’t matter in the final quilt.

IMG_1579  IMG_1581

Overall, my blocks simply aren’t quite square.  I don’t want to cut them down or square them off until I know exactly how they’ll fit into the final quilt.  I will say, however, I had no problems with the partial seams, so yay for that!  I do like the way they turned out though, very cheery with all the pink!  Would you have chosen to mix up different colours or stick to one like me?


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