March BOM – Economy Block

Hi everyone!

So I just completed my first ever Economy block!  I was a little nervous with this one as it involved triangles and I wasn’t really sure how things would go when sewing along points.  As you can see, things did work out pretty well in the end.

IMG_1582The large majority of my triangle points did line up, but I have to say there were quite a few instances of seam ripping and trying again.  About 10 minutes in, I realized that my 1/4″ piecing foot requires me to move the sewing needle of my machine over to the right to the 4.5 mark for a scant 1/4″, and to the 4.0 mark for a proper 1/4″.  I wish I’d realized this before, but I didn’t even know I could move the needle over!  Have any of you ever had to do this?

Another sewing machine question I have that I still don’t know the answer to is: “is it common to have to hold the threads when you start sewing”?  If I don’t, my machine sucks one of the thread ends into the first dozen or so stitches and it becomes all jumbled in the back.  It doesn’t stop the stitches from looking nice on the top, but it seems odd all the same.  Is this normal???



2 responses to “March BOM – Economy Block

  1. I have to hold the top thread before I start stitching or it disappears into the machine. When the jumbled thread happens to me it is usually to do with the tension being wrong and I have to re-thread the machine. I think that some of the more expensive machines don’t do this though… argh… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely take a look at the tension to see if it fixes my problem! Fingers crossed 🙂

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