My New Baby, Rowenta!

Hi everyone,

So I may have bought myself a new iron…  Lol, I mentioned here that my old iron was a super cheap one that just honestly didn’t work very well.  JS and I really don’t iron much, so we never really had need of anything better.  So after much research (and advice from my mom), I decided on a Rowenta Eco Intelligent Iron from  I have to say, it works wonders compare to the old one, and it looks awesome too!  I’m loving the colour and design, but best of all, it means I’m ready to tackle my next set of blocks!

IMG_1585I apologize for the clarity of my photos.  Everything current is simply coming from my smart phone, which obviously doesn’t take the best photos :S  One of these days I’ll have a better camera, it’s on my Christmas list!  What about you?  What’s on your Xmas list?


January BOM – Offset Log Cabin Blocks

Hi everyone,

So I have to say I am soo mad at myself at the moment.  I totally forgot to photograph my first attempt at quilting…  Needless to say I am not impressed with myself.  The first couple steps went very well, I was able to cut some nice strips and squares.  I still can’t believe I just found out about the rotary cutter, SOO much easier to use trying to cut many pieces with scissors.  All my lines were straight, and my corners right angles!

I do have to say I had one major mishap… I was chain piecing on my last strips and it wasn’t until I was ironing my seams that I realized that I had forgotten to place the right sides together.  That’s what I get when I start trying to watch TV while sewing…  Clearly I can’t handle distractions :S  So needless to say, the seam-ripper came out, I undid each of the final rows and then re-stitched them together – properly this time!

As you can see, my end product isn’t all that bad, although some of the sides don’t quite seem to be long enough… I’m off by about 1/8″.  I was trying to figure out why they weren’t quite right (I was using my 1/4″ piecing foot so I knew my seam size was right), and I realized it’s my iron.  It’s such a crappy one that it really doesn’t flatten everything properly, so I’m losing some length because of it.  Do you think it’ll affect me in the end?  I’m hoping it’s a small enough error that I’ll be able to correct it when it’s time to attach all the blocks together.  Fingers crossed!!!

Janome Quilting Kit

Hi everyone,

When I received my sewing machine, it came with a little quilting kit.  I can’t say I ever opened it up because at the time, I wasn’t particularly interested in the activity.  But today it feels like a whole other present 🙂

Now, I must confess that I really don’t know what a darning foot or a walking foot is used for, but I’m really excited about the 1/4″ seam foot.  I definitely think it will be very useful in helping me ensure that I have the correct seam allowances once I start to quilt!  Also included in the kit is a craft foot and cloth guide as well as a quilt guide.  Time to do some research as to what the rest are used for, unless you can tell me?  Getting more and more excited to get started!

Quilting Supplies & Pancake Breakfasts!

Hi everyone,

So as you may or may not be aware, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and at this time of year the whole city shuts down for the Calgary Stampede.  This year it is an especially remarkable time as just over two weeks ago, the city was hit with some major (MAJOR) flooding.  To even be able to hold the Stampede shows the true spirit of Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians alike.  Help came from everywhere and much of the city has been restored.  There are still some hard-hit areas that will be recovering for quite some time, and my heart goes out to everyone who are dealing with loss.  Luckily for me and my hubby, we live up on a hill and so were mostly unaffected.

The Stampede is a 10-day event with rodeos, concerts, and all sorts of other exciting events.  Everyday, multiple free Pancake Breakfasts can be found throughout the city.  JS and I went to one for some pancakes, sausages and coffee Saturday morning before running all our weekly errands – I seriously love this time of year.

Here’s a pic of my new quilting set up.  You probably can’t tell, but it is currently in the middle our our living room, and thus very temporary…  I will likely move everything over to the second bedroom, but at least I now have everything I need to get started!  Do you see anything missing?  I have a tiny iron and ironing board set up next to the couch, which I would love to replace one day.  Do you know of any good irons?  What do you use?

Did you notice the can on the floor next to the table?  That’s my current obsession – V8 Juice.  For some reason I am LOVING this stuff…  I know, I know, lol, you likely think it’s gross, JS definitely does.

Have a wonderful end of weekend 🙂

Quilting Supplies

Hey everyone!

Since I decided to get into quilting, I’ve been creating a list of things that I will need that I don’t already have.  I am an absolute list person, I have them for everything: packing, shopping, to do’s, things we’re running low on, wish lists, everything!  And now it also includes quilting!  Thanks goodness for my iPhone app “Awesome Note” which has allowed me to easily manage my life (and my lists!).  Do you have an app you absolutely couldn’t do without??

So back to the point, the main items I need include:

  • Quilting rulers (which explains how to get around my early frustrations mentioned here!)
  • Rotary cutter
  • Flat-headed pins

I decided a few weeks ago my first quilt would be a sampler quilt from the Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 with Laura Nownes.  I’ve ordered my fabric from the class kit, mainly because I really found it a little overwhelming to pick out fabrics for my own first project.  I figured it would be easier to focus on the quilting if I wasn’t worried about the fabric choices…  And happy news, it arrived yesterday!!!!  Here is a look at what I received in the mail.

Now I just need to go to a Quilting Shop (a.k.a. Fabricland) and grab the few remaining items.

Can’t wait to get started!  Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

An Introduction…

Hi everyone 🙂

Today is a day filled with new beginnings!  I should probably introduce myself, so my name is Lisa and I’ve recently decided that I’m going to join the Quilting world.  I’ve always been a crafty person, even at a young age I was all about colouring, cross-stiching, painting (although badly), scrapbooking, etc…  Pretty much everything, well, except for serious sewing.

A couple years back I received a Janome sewing machine for Christmas, and as much as I was excited about it, I never really got the hang of it.  No one in my immediate family sewed so no one was there to teach me how to do it.  I had also received a Sewing book which had a cool bag pattern, but at the time I couldn’t figure out how to cut the pieces from my fabrics properly (the sides were just never straight), so I eventually got frustrated and gave up.  Have any of you ever experienced frustrations like this?  When you can’t get something right even though you try over and over again?  Ever since then, the only things I have made on my sewing machine are some Halloween costumes which were all traced from existing clothing, my favorite of which was my Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes) orange fleece onesie.  I was really excited when it worked out!


A couple weeks ago, I discovered Craftsy, which provides a number of online quilting classes (as well as all sorts of other topics) for free.  I randomly decided to take one (well, I only watched it) and all my conceptions of quilting were turned upside down.  I had no idea that there was such a thing as modern quilting or even that quilting could also be done by machine.  Where I once believed the stereotype that all quilting was done by grandmothers in community halls with dark fabrics, over a period of years, I am completely awed by the revelation that you do not need to be an +60 female to quilt, you can do it at home, it can be done in a short period of time, and fabrics and patterns can be light and modern!  Please do not misunderstand me, I don’t have anything against traditional quilting/quilters and I recognize that these are traditions that have carried on for as far as we can remember and are a part of who we are as a people, but it’s more that I never saw myself fitting in and enjoying the process.  I now realize that I was completely wrong and there may in fact be a spot for me 🙂  

I’ve also decided to start this blog as I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks that there is an amazing blogging community out there with very similar interests. Already, I have learned so much from all these wonderful people, including tutorials, etc.  It simply seems like such a wonderful way to get involved.  I also plan to show my projects (both successes and I’m certain failures) as I learn how to sew properly and move from an absolute beginner quilter to (hopefully) one with some skills and abilities!  Knowing me, I will also likely post about other random things, and hopefully you won’t mind!  So bear with me as I learn both to quilt/sew and how to blog, and hopefully make some new friends in the process 🙂