Secret Garden Quilt Update

Hi everyone!

This weekend has given me the time to make huge progress on my Secret Garden quilt top (first post here).  I’ve finished sewing and cutting up my blocks to size.  I even remembered to take a few photos as I was going through the process.  🙂



I then spent time (and I mean a lot of time…) arranging all my quilt blocks just right on my living room floor.  I think I’m a little obsessive about my need to have everything in the right place, but I have to say I’m super happy with the result!  JS thought I was crazy as I would switch two pieces, stand back and look for a minute, before moving things around again… and again… and again…  Lol, you get the idea!


I’m glad it’s not any bigger though, because as you can see, my quilt top takes pretty much my entire living room floor…  I have no idea how I’m going to be able to make a quilt sandwich…  Most of the rooms in our home is carpeted, and the few that aren’t are definitely not big enough…  Any ideas???

For now, I’m off to start sewing my blocks into rows, and my rows into my first finished quilt top!  Can’t wait to show you!  🙂



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